I’m sorry it took me like 20 years to realize that you Answered my Ask! Eeeeeermmmmmm I’ve read scans of RHatO. I think I read the #1, on YouTube of all places. I read the one where Jason decides to leave behind his most precious memory 💔💔💔 and I think I saw the scans for 0 maybe. But I don’t much like RHatO, besides the art. Maybe now that Lobdell’s gone.. I dunno. And I completely agree with you about Jason and bad writers and man, Jason has the worst luck when it comes to writers. Even when he was Robin, he had that one writer who pretty much hated him for not being Dick. I just see these people that wrote him as this insane soulless maniacal selfish sociopath and I am like wtf yo. This is JASON TODD. scourge of criminals and protector of the innocent, almost certainly screwed up in the head, but still a giant teddy bear on the inside. And he gets drawn looking like 30-40 years old and I’m just like *facepalm* Because he’s only 18-21 ish. Anyway. Ranting.

I heard he was a pale copy of Dick when he was first introduced, he had almost the same background and red hair that he dyed black. Then he was rewritten as the Jason we know.  

That’s weird because before the reboot, in some arcs, it’s almost like they skipped the fact he was rewritten: he still had red hair he dyed black when he was Robin. (seriously with that fact alone I understand why he felt like he was just a replacement… I’d say I’m almost shocked but after reading DotF I don’t think I can be shocked by anything anymore.) I told my friends about every Robin (no i’m NOT obsessed) and we agreed Jason had the shittiest life ever… now I just want to hug him. I hope they’ll talk about him in YJ! You’re always giving me the Jason feel 💔!

Well, at least in RHatO he is in his right mind and looks his age… I don’t like Lobdell’s writing though. Oh and I appreciate the fact he is getting closer to the family in Batman Inc. ( and that Grant Morrison basically said “f*** the reboot”, too bad he’ll be leaving soon)  I still think the reboot was a good thing concerning Jason.

Yeah, let’s hope Nightwing’s and RHatO’s writings improve!